I found 2 diamonds online, similar prices. May only request one to view in person and therefore would like to ask which one is better on paper? The 3.11/VS1 actually doesn’t look as clean as 3.04/VS2 according to GIA reports, although it has higher clarity grade? 3.04/H/VS2Online Photo/Video https://www.withclarity.com/diamond/2335217197/3.04-Round-H-VS2-ExcellentGIA: http://dna.braintreeeasysoft.com:85/Imaged/Certificate_Images/2334302877.pdf 3.11/H/VS1Online Photo/Video https://www.withclarity.com/diamond/2316981124/3.11-Round-H-VS1-ExcellentGIA: https://www.laxmidiamond.com/certifiedstone/certificate/LD18106808.pdf Thanks in advance for your input and advice.

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