I’m in the process of selecting a diamond which will be placed on a 4 prong platinum pendent. I’m deciding between a 1 ct stone vs. a lower quality 1.2ct stone – I list the 4Cs and proportions at the bottom of the post. In general the larger stone is lower in color and clarity, and the GIA certificate mentions that clouds and pinpoints are not shown (the 1 carat only says pinpoints are shown). Also, based on the cut estimator on this site, the smaller stone may be slightly better cut, though they fall in the same GIA/AGS cut grades.

The price of the 1 ct is $6000 and the 1.2 ct is $6800. Thoughts on whether this trade off for the larger carat is worth it, given that the diamond will be worn on a 4 prong platinum pendant? 

Pasting below details of each from their GIA certificates, though happy to post more details from it if I’m missing anything important:

1 carat

Price: $6000

Cut: Excellent

Color: G

Clarity: SI1

Fluorescence: Medium

Table: 59
Crown Angle: 32.5
Pavilion angle: 41.6
Comments: Pinpoints are not shown.

1.2 carat

Price: $6800

Cut: Excellent

Color: H

Clarity: SI2

Fluorescence: None

Table: 58
Crown Angle: 36
Pavilion angle: 41
Comments: Clouds and pinpoints are not shown.

Answered question

Apologies I got the cut wrong for the 1 carrot, the correct dimensions are:

Table: 55%
Crown: 34.5
Pavilion: 41

Though this is is still GSA excellent, these updated numbers also put in in AGS ideal now according to the cut estimator.

Interestingly, when I google the GIA report number for each I see they were previously listed in ritani:

1ct: https://www.ritani.com/products/1-01-carat-id-cut-g-color-si1-clarity-gia-2223035761-sku-d-6b7sctepgx

1.2 ct: https://www.ritani.com/products/solitaire-diamond-cathedral-engagement-ring-metal-14kt-white-gold-shape-round1-20-carat-id-cut-h-color-si2-clarity-gia-2215534015-sku-d-6b7scoxx33

Not sure how the 1.2 ct was previously listed at $500…am I being scammed? Any insight would be super helpful!

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