Hi Joe,

I recently started looking at diamonds for my engagement ring and found your site incredibly helpful.

I was hoping to get your insights on this particular diamond i found on Blue Nile.


If you could let me know what you think, it’d be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Answered question

Looks like a nice diamond. It threads the needle of GIA Ex/AGS 0 Ideal with a table of 62%.

You might also consider the diamond below, which has no fluorescence. I think it’s a higher H than the 1.00 H VS2, which has strong fluorescence.

Shape,Carat,Color,Clarity,Cut,Price (USD),Link

Thank you for your answer!

I am very unfamiliar with fluorescence in diamonds and different sites tell me differing answers as to whether you can visibly differentiate between fluorescence strengths.

In your opinion how important is the fluorescence strength?

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