Hey Joe,

I love your website! For analytical people like me and the other users on your website, it brings some clarity and helpful analysis to the diamond shopping process. I just started the diamond shopping process here in Colorado and I stopped by a couple brick and mortar locations this past weekend. I’ve been looking through your website these past couple weeks before going to these stores which made me feel much more confident and better educated than the service/education I got at the stores.

My girlfriend wants a 18k yellow gold solitaire ring with a round diamond setting. My budget is $14k – $17k (including the setting) with a little bit of wiggle room. Ideally I want to be around 1.75 – 2 carats on the diamond. I don’t think she really cares if its lab grown or mined but I think i’m leaning more towards mined. Based on all of this I wanted to get your opinion on the two diamonds below that I found via your cost-efficiency frontier. When I went in person to look at diamonds my eyes had a tough time noticing any visible imperfections to the naked eye around the VS2- S1 range and I know on your education tab for round diamonds you mention clarity is the least important. Based on your education tab and what i’ve read elsewhere I also have read that with a gold setting, that color isn’t as important compared to if the setting was white gold or platinum setting. Therefore my main priorities are cut and carat as you mentioned in your education tab.

With all this being said, what are your thoughts on the below two diamonds. Or i’m open to any other recommendations you have both on mined or lab grown diamonds. 

Thanks in advance for all your help!



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