I had 2 diamonds reserved (will only purchase 1). They dont come up on the Diamond Screener anymore since theyre not live on Blue Nile. Is there anyway to see where these would plot?

Here’s the diamonds:

Diamond 1: $14,804
1.7 ct, H
7.53 x 7.58 x 4.74 mm
Clarity: VS1 (inclusions are mostly on outer rim of diamond)
Cut: Excellent
Polish: Ex
Symmetry: Ex
Depth: 62.7 %
Table: 58%
Crown: 36
Pavillion 40.8
Fluorescence: Medium
HCA Score: 3.6 (light return: good, fire: v good, scintillation: good, spread: v good)

Diamond 2: $17,471
1.7 ct, G
7.61 x 7.57 x 4.74 mm
Clarity: VS2 (some inclusions a bit closer to center but not fully on center)
Cut: Excellent
Polish: Ex
Symmetry: Ex
Depth: 62.5 %
Table: 56
Crown: 35.5
Pavillion 40.6
Fluorescence: Faint
HCA Score: 1.3 (light return: excellent, fire: excellent, scintillation: excellent, spread: v good)

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