Hello! Thank you for your helpful website and tools. I’ve been doing a boatload of research on all of this, and I am spinning my wheels on the final decision. Mainly, I’m trying to understand some of the price differences and whether that reflects in any quality differences that I just don’t seem to notice. Your help would be appreciated.


I’ve actually found a lot more on Blue Nile, James Allen, and other sites, but these were ones where it seemed cheaper for what seems like should be the same quality. My tentative choice is the 1.81 carat E VVS1 because it is GIA certified and a decent price compared to the other options that are “Precision Lab” and IGI certified. The lighting in some of them are different, which makes it harder to accurately compare. They all seem like they should be good, but not sure if the Precision Lab (aka A Cut Above) premium is worth it compared to that 1.81 carat.

Thanks for your help, and I hope this helps someone else too!

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