Hi Joe,

Thanks for the advice on reddit. I’ve narrowed it down to these two diamonds. 

They are both F, VS1.Depth 61-63%, Table 57-60%, L/W Ratio 1.40-1.45.I’m looking for the most amount of brilliance and sparkle and also have a very minimal to no bowtie. 1) 1.66 Carat Ovalhttps://www.ritani.com/products/1-66-carat-oval-lab-diamond-very-good-cut-f-color-vs1-clarity-igi-lg523205185-sku-d-5gemgfpc1t 2) 1.60 Carat Ovalhttps://www.ritani.com/products/1-60-carat-oval-lab-diamond-very-good-cut-f-color-vs1-clarity-igi-lg508156825-sku-d-5gemg6qsnt# Please share your thoughts :)Thank you! 

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