First off thank you very much for your simple guide on how choosing round cut diamonds, I was using a combination of your guide on how to choose for the table of the diamond and came upon this one. My criteria¬† for the diamond has ideal cut, 1 carat, D color, and at least VS1 clarity. I’m having trouble finding diamonds within my price range ( between 6-7K). The one above is the closest I could find within my criteria, can you take a look and let me know what you think? Am I being too unrealistic in terms of price and criteria? What is some advice you could give me for finding a good deal? Again, thank you very much for your help and opinion.

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how about when compared to a smaller carat but higher clarity such as this


would this be considered a better deal and how much difference will I notice compared to 1.0 carat

again, thank you for your help

The 1.00 D VS1 is a better choice. It’s a better value since it hits 1ct without being much more expensive. The 0.9 D VVS2 also has strong fluorescence.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the advance, I was about to pull the trigger but was beaten to the punch. I have listed a few more that I found that I was comfortable with that I’d like your opinion on.

As always, thank you for your time




The 1.01 D VS1 (6197610) is the best. The other two both have strong fluorescence and don’t look as sharp. The 1.01 D VS1 has the best symmetry (the arrows even form an 8 pointed star in the middle).

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