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My budget is 8000 CAD for the diamond. I was looking for round and 1 carat. I found a few with E/VS2 that looked spectacular. Then I was told by a few friends that SI2 can be “eye clean” as well and they told me to look around locally. Honestly the online images are much more detailed.

However I just came back from a local dealer and he has a ring that is GIA certified and at an amazing price of 9000 CAD. He tells me that this is an amazing deal and the ring probably won’t sit long. The ring itself is just a platinum ring, not important but the diamond characteristics are as follows (this is copied from the GIA report). I really want to know if I should pull the trigger. The comments regarding clouds is a bit concerning (I couldn’t tell the difference in person though but I’m a rookie) and in your cut estimator, it sits on the blue outline and outside of the AGS Ideal… Please give me your thoughts.

Weight:  1.52 Carat

Color: H

Clarity: SI2

Cut: Excellent

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent

Fluorescence: None

Comments: Clarity grade is based on clouds that are not shown. 

Girdle: 3.5

Depth: 62.6

Table: 57%

Cutlet: none

Dimensions: 7.37 x 7.34 x 4.60 mm

Crown: 34

Pavilion: 41.8

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