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When clicking on the IGI cert, all of them are hearts and arrows, but on the JA listing only 1 is listed as “true hearts” and the rest as “ideal”. Am I missing something? All of these landed on the “efficient” frontier. Any feedback on these choices?

Lab-Created 1.87 Carat Round Diamond

F Color Vvs2 Clarity True Hearts Cut



Lab-Created 2.13 Carat Round Diamond

E Color Vvs2 Clarity Ideal Cut



Lab-Created 1.90 Carat Round Diamond

E Color Vvs2 Clarity Ideal Cut 



Lab-Created 1.80 Carat Round Diamond

D Color Vvs2 Clarity Ideal Cut



Answered question

Do any of these hit these specs?
Depth 59-62
Table 54-57
crown angle 34-35 deg
pavilion angle 40.6-41 deg

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