I’m looking for a round diamond 0.8-1.0 carat, D-F, IF-VS2.

I went in store and saw this diamond in person – 0.81, D, VVS2 https://novitadiamonds.com/engagement-ring/create/diamond?current-screen=screen-diamond-detail&diamond-selection=834627 and thought it sparkled so much, it wowed me in terms on what diamonds can show.

How would it compare to this other diamond I was shown 0.9, D, VVS1: https://novitadiamonds.com/engagement-ring/create/diamond?current-screen=screen-diamond-detail&diamond-selection=1319596

I saw this on their website the same specs for the 0.81ct above but a different diamond same price: https://novitadiamonds.com/engagement-ring/create/diamond?current-screen=screen-diamond-detail&diamond-selection=1149740

Which of the 3 would have more sparkle? As size between 0.8-1.0 isn’t a huge bother for me.

Would there be another diamond you recommend? I thought Novita would be easier as I can go into the showroom to see the diamond itself, but open to any website. 

Thank you for your help


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