I am looking for a diamond for an engagement ring. The specs I’m currently using to narrow things down:

Cut – want this to be as good as possible. Been using Whiteflash’s ‘A Cut Above’ criteria as a guide for this.

Colour – been looking at I/J. This will be going in a white gold or platinum ring, please say if you think these diamond colours are not appropriate for that. I don’t mind a ‘warm diamond’ as long as it’s not obviously coloured in normal viewing circumstances. Many places online say if the cut is really good the colour matters less, which has nudged me in the direction of J.

Clarity – as long as it is ‘eyeclean’ to someone with good eyesight up close without magnification, I don’t mind. To make things easier, I’ve just been looking at VS2 or better because most SI1’s I’ve seem are pretty unsightly.

Carat – targeting at least 1.3cts. My budget is around $7000 for the diamond, so basically looking for the best I can get for that.

Here is one I have found, what do you think?


I would welcome any other suggestions you have, or comments on the appropriateness of my criteria above. I have a preference for ordering from Blue Nile because they can deliver to the UK without having to go through the import duty&tax process, but wouldn’t rule out other sellers like James Allen if they had a better value diamond on offer. It’s just a shame they make it annoying to access the certificates.

Many Thanks

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