So I’ve been combing through diamonds over the last several weeks trying to find one with great stats as well as something that passes the eye test. 

For my first pass with a diamond, I usually judge by your picture “Buy a Diamond that Looks like this” on your Education page – https://www.diamondscreener.com/education/a-simple-guide-to-buying-a-round-diamond/

If it looks to have clearly defined “pinwheel” lines and good contrast, I check the Cut Estimator to verify. But on some diamonds with very good contrast look, the cut estimator doesn’t seem to agree. 

Take this guy for example: https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut/0.80-carat-f-color-vs1-clarity-excellent-cut-sku-3716848?a_aid=55f8cd4e21a11

Appearance head-on has very good distinct lines, clear pinwheel. But Cut Estimator rates it only on the GIA edge. 

So what gives here?

btw – thank you for this AWESOME website. This has made engagement ring shopping 1000x easier than I imagined and I am so much more informed thanks to your simple yet informative guides.

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