Hey Joe,

Found your site through reddit and I love it.  I’ve been able to eliminate quite a few options just by my own research.  I’m down to where I want the opinion of someone who does this more often than I.

I am doing a 3 stone engagement ring….with 3 smaller diamonds going down the side.  Because of heirloom jewelry, I already have the smaller diamonds for the side, and then the two diamonds for the outside (of the three stone center piece), so I need to purchase the middle stone.  The two diamonds on the outside are over 60 years old, and the jeweler estimates them to be between .21-.28 CT, and would fall in color G-I.

My budget…for the loose stone..the most I want to spend is $2,000.  I have a budget of $1,000 for the setting in 14K white gold. 

That being said, just because the stone budget is $2,000, I do not want to spend that and my future wife does not want me to spend that (unless it makes sense). 

I want to buy from James Allen so I can view it up close.

So I was thinking between the .44-.68 CT size would look good with the two outside stones being between .21-.28.

That being said, I was pretty pleased when I saw some stones I liked as they really fit into my budget…I wanted to get your opinion on them, and if I am getting the best deal, or thinking about this in the best approach.  I see where if I go up to .6 CT or higher, I loose a bunch of options with the clarity….which is noticeable on james allen.

The two side stones….are my grandmothers engagement diamond and my moms…so those sitting on the side represent past (grandmom), present (mom – had me), and future (new stone – my partner)…for when we have children, she can pass it along.  She does not wear a ton of jewelry, does not like the halo look, however did want the small stones on the band…and wants white gold.  So since it has some family heirlooms, I do not want it to be super flashy, or super showy…another reason I am keeping the CT level under 1…as I know there are few settings that would look good with .25  CT flanked with 1 CT.

All that being said…these are the three stones I was looking at…I am glad to take any other suggestions you can find. 

Honestly…I like the cheapest stone out of all of these when viewed under the super zoom…than the .42 (middle priced)…however I want someone elses opinion 🙂

Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated.

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