Greetings! I am on a tight time-crunch so I really appreciate any help you can provide sooner than later.

There are two diamonds from local retailer connections I’m torn between. They are both in the 1.5 ct neighborhood, with one being a G color and the other being an H color. The G is $9k and the H is $8.5k. They both look eye clean in person. The G inclusion on the table has a very tiny black spot when the owner showed it to me through the strong magnification lens.

What are your thoughts regarding one vs. the other? Better stone? Best value? Your recommendation? Thanks in advance!

H Option – https://www.gia.edu/report-check?reportno=6204992886&s=1592456870000

G Option – https://www.gia.edu/report-check?reportno=2205434995

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