My fiance and I are looking for an around 0.8-1CT oval lab diamond to use in a platinum solitaire setting.

Using your tool I found this stone which looks really nice for the price. I can’t see a particularly bad bow tie and there doesn’t seem to be many blemishes.

I don’t know how to assess the cut though (there doesn’t seem to be any standardized grading for this cut) or what process(CVD/HPHT) was used to manufacture it (JA don’t seem to have this info).

I was also wondering about the color grading as the stone above is rated an E but to my eye seems slightly yellower than, for example, this stone which is rated an F. Am I misunderstanding the color grading?

Is the first stone I linked a good choice given our needs or are there are better options within our constraints?

Thanks in advance!

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