Hi Joe,

I’m helping my brother-in-law pick out a new engagement ring for my sister. He’d like it to be round, above 1 carat, with an emphasis on cut and color (you helped me pick out my wife’s engagement ring, and I relayed to him that SI1 should suffice as long as the stone was eye-clean). Budget-wise, he’d like to stay under $6k.

Here are three I came across on Blue Nile:

  1. 1.05, D, SI1: https://www.bluenile.com/diamond-details/LD13411697
  2. 1.07, G, VS2: https://www.bluenile.com/diamond-details/LD13481556?track=FCOM&slot=1&type=1
  3. 1.11, D, SI1: https://www.bluenile.com/diamond-details/LD13327021?track=FCOM&slot=2&type=closestAlternative

All three sit in the overlap between GIA Excellent and AGS Ideal. The last is a few hundred over my BIL’s budget, but if the diamond presents a really good deal, he’s willing to stretch. If you find any others that might fit his criteria, we’d of course be happy to see them. Thanks for all your help!


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