I have used your site and found a diamond on James Allen I am very happy with. I am now trying to decide between purchasing the diamond on its own and getting a local jeweller to hand make the ring -or- saving some money and getting the complete ring from James Allen.

I am looking at very simple 18k yellow gold with platinum setting solitaire styles and will probably need to get the ring resized at a later date, my local jeweller says a handmade ring will cope with this better than a cast ring from James Allen. He also says a handmade ring will be much harder wearing and better in the long term.

Price for Handmade: ~£1000

Ring from James Allen: £648 https://www.jamesallen.com/mobile/engagement-rings/solitaire/14k-yellow-gold-six-prong-knife-edged-solitaire-engagement-ring-item-50026


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