We purchased a lab diamond from James Allen. The 4Cs and proportions check out, but we learned about HPHT vs CVD after the fact. 

Here are some screenshots. I can send you the link through email but don’t want to post for privacy reasons since it’s already been purchased. It’s graded D, VVS2 by IGI. We used your cut estimator and it has ideal proportions, so hopefully it’s a sparkle bomb. The live chat rep says it’s likely an HPHT, but the cert doesn’t say so we’re not sure if it’s HPHT or CVD.

We haven’t seen it in person yet as it’s being set, but wondering if we did good or picked a dud. It reflects a lot of colors as you can see in the screenshots: lots of blue (even neon-looking blue like cyan), yellow, and even pink. To me, it looks like a white diamond, but I’m not good at seeing blue, yellow, brown, or gray hues. Does it look like it has a blue or gray nuance to you? I’m also wondering if you see any strain lines or fuzziness, or if you think it will have phosphorescence. 

Fingers crossed that we picked a good one. We can always exchange but that would be a hassle. Thank you so much for your help! I’ve read nearly every page on your site.

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