I thought I had narrowed my search down to a nice cushion diamond until I stumbled upon this website and used the cost-efficiency frontier. 
I was provided 2 diamond options; 1 being 0.7 G VS2, and the second being 0.90 G VS2 with the reported features: 

Polish excellent; symmetry very good; flourecense none; clarity characteristics crystal cavity; measurements 5.71×5.41×3.78mm; across 58%, down 69.9%.

I wanted to ideally get a diamond larger than 1 carat so I used the efficiency frontier and found these options based on the same criteria they found for me: 



I’m a little lost on how to navigate this and whether the option they provided was higher than what I’d find elsewhere. Budget optimally is like 5-6K with a simple setting but I’m looking for the right diamond. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

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I don’t know the exact price but I imagine the diamond being roughly 3800? With the setting, altogether, it’s 4700. The GIA number is 2206105989. The selling point they made was that it was cut more like a round brilliant diamond which is more desirable?

Not too sure what type of clarity/cut is optimal for this range using that as a reference

It’s not possible to tell the faceting pattern without a picture. There’s no diagram for dossiers that are typically issued for diamonds < 1ct and I couldn't find this diamond in my inventory snapshots (the GIA report is from 2015).

The 1ct diamonds I linked are the ones that are cut more like a round – that's why they show 8 arrows. So it depends on whether the 0.9 G VS2 is cut like that or if it's a non-crushed ice cushion that shows 4 arrows like the other two that you originally linked.

These are the two they found for me:

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