Hi Joe – appreciate the feedback. I’m actually aiming to come at/under 2ct. The 1.9 E VVS2 is no longer available. Can you share your feedback on these remaining ones? These all hit efficient frontier.

Do any of them hit the specs?

Depth 59-62
Table 54-57
crown angle 34-35 deg
pavilion angle 40.6-41 deg

Lab-Created 1.80 Carat Round Diamond

D Color VVS2 Clarity Ideal Cut 7040



Lab-Created 1.87 Carat Round Diamond

F Color VVS2 Clarity True Hearts Cut 6520



Lab-Created 1.80 Carat Round Diamond

E Color VVS2 Clarity True Hearts Cut 7310



I also ran another search for VS1 at/under 2ct. These came up in the search:

1.8 E VS1 Ideal 4980


1.81 E VS1 Ideal 5000


1.82 E VS1 Ideal 5020


1.82 E VS1 Ideal 5040


1.95 E VS1 Ideal 5740


2.0 E VS1 Ideal 6670


–> Can you share your feedback on the VVS2 batch and then this VS1 batch? Don’t think I’d want to go down to into VS2. Open to eye clean VS1. Would like to make a move by Tuesday! 

Answered question

Out of the VS1 choices, I think the 5880 might be the best choice, as it landed on the efficiency frontier, and falls in line for:
Table 59-63
Depth 54-58

Out of the VVS2, the 1.87 F VVS2 True Hearts 6520 hits the table and depth specs.

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