Dear Joe

I wonder if you can help?  I bought a James Allen 2.5ct HPHT F VVS2 diamond (great stone on paper and all correct proportions etc).  However upon receipt, it had a blue nuance despite assurances from the staff that there was no blue nuance.  I have had to return it.  I have picked out 2 further diamonds but am reluctant to order as I cannot tell whether they have a blue hue or not – they are on the James Allen site and are 11196656, 10821806 and 11346405.

The diamond is for my engagement ring and is to be set with other earth diamonds in the G to H range.  Do either of these diamonds have a blue hue as far as you can tell please?

Should I opt for a CVD diamond instead – or do some HPHT diamonds not have a blue nuance – what are you thoughts please?

I love your site and it’s given me so much knowledge, so thank you very much.

Kind regards.


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