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I am hoping to spend around $1,300 max for a diamond for a ring. I am considering one with the following characteristics:

Color JCut/Polish/Symmetry = Excellent/Excellent/ExcellentClarity = VS1; Clarity characteristic = FeatherCarat weight = 0.65Fluorescence = NoneDepth % = 61.6Crown angle = 34.5Pavilion angle = 40.8Lower girdles = 80% The proportions seem to be great and it is plotting right where it should, when using the cut estimator. Clarity VS1: even with the very high magnification, I can barely spot some inclusions so I think it is safe to say it is eye clean… I might go for a setting with yellow gold to compensate the color grade, though. What do you think? Seems a good choice? Thanks for your great website!

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Price is $1250

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