Hi, I found a pear diamond that fits most of my specs for an engagement ring and fits in my price range. It will be set in 18K yellow gold with white gold prongs. I noticed it has some blue nuance as many HPHT do and the price is lower because of it. Can someone please offer me their opinion whether this will be unacceptable? I know that it will be best to check in person but I am buying outside of US and everything will be video or pics. Even then I am not sure how to check it since I am not experienced enough. 

ShapePearSize2.04ColorECutVS2Table59.5%Depth64.1%GirdleThin-Slightly ThickSymmetryEXPolishEXL/W1.51

IGI: https://www.igi.org/viewpdf.php?r=LG455016036

Pic & Videos: https://imgur.com/a/0lNyEDB

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