How much does the average natural diamond engagement ring cost?

The median price of a natural diamond engagement ring is $5608.

The minimum, 25th percentile, median, mean, 75th percentile, and maximum sales prices for natural diamond rings bought using our site are reported in the table below.

Diamond TypeYearMin25thMedianMean75thMax

We summarized sales price data for natural diamond jewelry bought from James Allen using our site. Sales below $500 were excluded because they were most likely wedding bands. This price data above also includes sales of earrings, necklaces, and loose diamonds. However, these items are a small minority of the sales and cost less than a complete ring; therefore we are presenting a conservative price estimate for a diamond ring.

The engagement ring price distributions are visualized in the box-plots below. They are right-skewed, so the median is a better summary statistic than the mean. The median price for a natural diamond engagement ring has been consistent over time for users of our site.

For lab-created diamonds, see our companion article about the average cost of a lab-created diamond ring.