How much does the average lab-created diamond engagement ring cost?

The median price of a lab-created diamond engagement ring is $4014.

The minimum, 25th percentile, median, mean, 75th percentile, and maximum sales prices for lab-created diamond rings bought using our site are reported in the table below.

Diamond TypeYearMin25thMedianMean75thMax

James Allen started selling lab-created diamonds in June 2019. We summarized sales price data for lab-created diamond jewelry bought using our site (shown in the box-plot below). Sales below $500 were excluded because they were most likely wedding bands.

The median lab-created diamond ring price is lower than the median natural diamond ring price. However, the price difference isn’t as large as expected given the price difference between a lab-created and natural diamond with the same specs. This suggests people are using some of the savings to buy larger and/or higher color/clarity lab-created diamonds than they would if they were buying a natural diamond.